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Defender Wishlists 2013: Expanded Universe

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01 - Darth Sion (KOTOR2)
02 - Atris (KOTOR2)
03 - Kreia (KOTOR2)
04 - Carth Onasi (KOTOR)
05 - Canderous Ordo (KOTOR)
06 - Bao-Dur (KOTOR2)
07 - Mission Vao (KOTOR)
08 - Jolee Bindo (KOTOR)
09 - T3-M4 (KOTOR & KOTOR2)
10 - Visas Marr (KOTOR2)

(Yes, I'd love for them to go back and make more KOTOR/KOTOR2 figures)

Here we go again...

-Revan - Jedi (KOTOR - likeness as seen in TOR)

-Meetra Surik - Jedi Exile (Knights Of The Old Republic 2)

-Sith Trooper

-Darth Sion

-Tyvokka - Wookiee Jedi Master

-Dooku - Jedi Master
-Sifo Dyas - Jedi Master

-Zayne Carrick

-Darth Zannah

-Ven Zallow - SWTOR

1. Rick Duel (Marvel)

2. Dani (Marvel)

3. Baron Orman Tagge (Marvel)

4. Jaxxon (Marvel)

5. Gamorrean Guard (Concept art)

6. Eleena Daru (TOR)

7. Gar Stazi (Legacy Era)

8. Imperial Riot Trooper (Force Unleashed 2)

9. Skorr (comic strip)

10. Sith Trooper (TOR)

Jesse James:
1 )  Sith Soldier...  From Knights of the Old Republic, it'd be slick to get a Sith Trooper in their shiney masks for the line.  KOTOR is pretty character-rich, and this guy's high on my list. 

2 )  Jan Ors (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight)...  Katarn needs his partner in life and business, Jan Ors.  Here she is with Kyle.

3 )  Jerec (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight)...  EU figures aren't fun unless you get enough for a scene I think.  Jerec is Katarn's nemesis throughout Jedi Knight.  A must-have enemy for Katarn to whack.

4 )  ORIGINAL Space Trooper (West End Games)...  West End Games designed the Space Trooper...  Hasbro used a horrible EU design from comic books that doesn't lend itself to realism in the slightest.  This design is the original, and this is the true way a Spacetrooper should look.  Screw that Dark Horse comic look from the Thrawn Trilogy adaptaion.

5 )  Rebel Infiltrator (West End Games RPG)...  The Alliance's most elite Soldiers are the Infiltrators.  For you GI Joe fans, think Snake Eyes in Star Wars. :)  They are a division of Special Forces and also include secret agents like Kyle Katarn that act independantly as well, but their fighting teams are like Rebel Navy SEALS.  The picture isn't the best.

6 )  Crimson Jack...  Just for Jeff.

7 )  T3-M4 (KOTOR)...  T3 is again a droid from KOTOR, and I love this design.  Is this not the epitome of early astromech to you guys?  You gotta love it.

8 )  Rebel Biker Scout...  From the West End Games miniatures line, they had a Rebel Soldier as a Scout.  Basically it looked like a Fleet Trooper with a little more bulky jacket and slightly sleeker helmet (movable visor would be neat on this one). 

9 )  New Republic Trooper/Soldier (NJO Era)...  Essentially this is my request for a post SA ROTJ Fleet Trooper...  Their uniforms are like a mix of Madine with Fleet helmets and that's about it.  Different colors.

10)  Noghri Warrior (Thrawn Trilogy)...  I want that one we've seen.  Hasbro needs to come through on this.  Sorry Jason but I took Corran Horn off the table for him. :(

I have no hope of any of this getting done because EU is one area I think Hasbro ***** the bed.

1) Duchess Satine (Clone Wars)
2) Bo Katan (Clone Wars)
3) Chancellor Palpatine (Clone Wars)
4) Black Sun henchmen (Clone Wars)
5) Sugi (Clone Wars)
6) Nightsister(s) (Clone Wars)
7) Umbaran Soldier (Clone Wars)
8. Rako Hardeen (Clone Wars)
9) Derrown (Clone Wars)
10) Latts Razzi (Clone Wars)


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