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The "I Don't Play With My Toys... I Pose Them" Thread

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Jesse James:
What's the most awesome pose you've gotten a figure into?  The one you called your wife in to see, and she rolls her eyes.  The one the kids went, "That's awesome!", when they saw it.

I put the Clone Sgt. on my desk in a simple "at attention" pose...  It's calm, passive, but that menacing helmet and the clean armor.  It just screams that scene where the Empire's military might is basically born.  The rifle's resting against his shoulder delicately...  I love it.  Never really put a Clone in this pose, but I could imagine a hundred of them with appropriate officer colors mixed in would look pretty damn cool this way.

Not dynamic by any means...  but it inspired me.

You know you've done this too...  You know you've achieved some pretty cool looks with your figures, and you don't want to admit you were playing with your dolls posing your action figures for display.

Jesse James:
20 views and I'm the only guy making his figures look awesome?  For shame, people.

Look at my collection....all my figures look awesome where they are.  Especially the ones on the table in the center of the room.   :)


--- Quote from: Jesse James on September 19, 2013, 10:57 PM ---20 views and I'm the only guy making his figures look awesome?  For shame, people.

--- End quote ---

I used to have a lot of my figures in awesome poses... then I moved.  Now they are all in the "smooshed inside a ziplock bag" pose.  Not very exciting.  :-\

When I get my new collection room set up, I'll have to revisit this thread...

Hard to say since I pose so many.


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