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League ID #35807
password: berry

Would be great if some new players joined up for this so we have a bigger league than five guys.  8-10 would be great.  This is the sport I got my introduction to in fantasy sports so I'll vouch for it being a good way to break into the wacky world of fake sports management. 

Draft is set for 8:30 CST Thursday October 24

Starting the flogging....c'mon, y'know you wanna.  >:D

Dressel Rebel:
Meeehhhhhhhaybe. I've been good doing just baseball the last 2 years. Takes up like half the year on its own. Need the break.

Stop being a poos and sign up. 

Dressel Rebel:

But I cannot find a way to enter our league number in the join custom league page at Yahoo anymore.  Hate that stupid update they did a month ago.



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