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Jesse James:
What's your take?  Where do you stand?

I'm not on the take.

I stand on the ground or preferably a solid surface.

Wait and see...

I think the 5 POA sucks, but producing them in a style consistent with how they look on the show is the right way to go IMO. If they mesh well with the Clone Wars aesthetic, so much the better.

I think it remains to be seen what the actual show will be like. Despite ariring on Cartoon Network, Clone Wars had a lot of adult content seemingly aimed at a more mature audience. The last few seasons did not feel much like a kid show. (In a good way, but I could see them lightening things up this time around with less darker overtones)

I expect to like the show as I have enjoyed all the previous Star Wars animated fare. And I do miss collecting Star Wars stuff since the Clone Wars line ended. So I'm probably all in on these guys.

Looks like I spoke too soon. From Imperial Shipyards' Q&A:

"The "Rebels" toyline will be somewhat stylized in the same design as the animation but will be closer to a "realistic" style than "Clone Wars" style."

So, instead of picking a particular style they just found a way to piss everyone off. WTF does "somewhat stylized" even mean? They'll kind of look like the characters from the show, but not really? No thanks.

I think they mean the detail will be soft enough to read as animated but detailed enough to appeal to collectors. 5 POA is not an issue for me, it's all about whether the show/characters are interesting or not.


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