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Second game has been released. iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Anybody try this out yet, with or without the Telepods you can buy in the store?

I've never played the Skylanders game either, so I'm not sure what to expect exactly. 

I like the Angry Birds games and like the thought of having interactive bits with the games, but I nearly soiled myself when I saw the list of Telepod sets, the list of exclusive Telepods, and the pricing.  It looked like there were about 12 different exclusive Telepods that came with different sets which averaged about $20 a pop.

To me the Telepod figures aren't interesting enough to collect, but I'd love to experience most of them in the game, but with a $300-ish price tag to accomplish this I'm not sure I even want to get started down this path at all.  I know you can play with these and knock down a stack of blocks, but that really doesn't seem that interesting and not for $20 or so a set.

Am I missing something here?  Am I a scrooge?  Or has someone tried these (and/or Skylanders) and can tell me its worth the price tag.

I haven't played the game yet (waiting for the PC release) and I don't plan on getting any telepods so I can't really answer your questions but here is an article about telepods that might.

Game is now available for PC.

I finally caved and got this game.

I also wanted to check out how Telepods worked and I picked up the Jedi vs. Sith set at Target since it's on sale this week.

Nice gimmick, but totally not needed to play the game.

The different attacks that the birds/pigs have are pretty clever and a great variation on the Angry Birds theme.

So my advice would be definitely spend the $0.99 to get the game, and only if you really want to be able to swap in a specific character, pick up the Telepod version....


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