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I found some possible upcoming (or cancelled  :-X) Joe goodies while browsing the Hasbro Customer Service page today.

Notable listings (to me) were the following:

GIJ Ultimate Gift Set
GIJ Vehicle Collection Air
GIJ Zombie Apocalypse sets

GIJ Combat Vehicle Land
GIJ Combat Vehicle Sea

GIJ Desert Spec Ops Team

I'm really hoping this is an indication of what to expect for any sort of 50th Anniversary line next year, especially the zombie listings.

Interesting, things have been quiet on the Joe front, as far as non-Kreo stuff goes.

Mindbender vs. Budo was a cancelled item from waaay back during Rise of Cobra, IIRC. As was Zap vs BAT.

They'd shown off the zombie stuff at conventions and would be fools not to make them given the zombie craze and the fact Zombie-viper was a hot seller. I suspect even non-hardcore JOE fans would get some sets.


I also saw listings for:
Cobra Mercenaries team a3496
code red team a3497


--- Quote from: shmashwitdaclub on October 30, 2013, 10:13 PM ---nice!

I also saw listings for:
Cobra Mercenaries team a3496
code red team a3497

--- End quote ---

I noticed those too, but for some reason just thought of them as alternate naming of Retaliation 3-packs. Could be something different though, hopefully time will tell.

ah you might be right on that, the mercenaries set might be true for the SS, FF, and cobra soldier set.


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