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Mother Talzin/Night Sister Was To Be A TVC Figure?

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Jesse James:
Night Sister TVC Figure

As per Greg's lists of figures from Hasbro's site, it seems the Mother Talzin/Night Sister figure was intended at one point to be a TVC Figure.  Weird eh?

This doesn't surprise me at all - they probably had an EU Sith Witch figure on tap for the Vintage line and when something VERY SIMILAR to that design showed up in the Clone Wars cartoon, they said "close enough" and used her as a stand-in for Mother Talzin. If you look at the figure - it's definitely a Vintage-quality figure.

Yes, I remember hearing from Hasbro on this.

Yeah, that was straight from the mouth of Derryl himself...

--- Quote from: darth_sidious on September 30, 2011, 11:20 AM ---In the most recent Rebelscum Force Cast Collector Edition (Sept 2011), DePriest mentioned that they have a Nightsister called Mighella sculpted, and she could be released in the vintage line.
--- End quote ---

Jesse James:
Wow ok I didn't recall that at all...  Seemed like it was a big conspiracy that she looked realistic and stuff...  Never recall anyone saying anything about the TVC connection at the time then. 


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