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From Hasbro Press at NYCC:  ROTS Anakin -

Jesse James:
Am I the only one who looks at anything PT (even good stuff, and this figure looks good) and 2 seconds later forgets I even saw it? :)

I will say though, if I were buying 6" figs, I'd want Obi and a sweet (big) mining platform to go with this Ani.

This, along with the ROTS Obi-Wan coming out plus the base with lava/splooge from the Unleashed line could make for a great display.

Oh man, he looks TERRIBLE from the neck up, IMHO. Why does Hasbro fail so spectacularly at reproducing a decent Anakin likeness? Is this from the cut scene where Padme gives him a home perm? He looks like he used the low flow shower head from that Seinfeld episode!

I can't see how this would come from the same guy that did the Han sculpt, which is terrific. 

Plus didn't they already show this guy off in Europe earlier this year?

I think that head sculpt is pretty awful. Pass.


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