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Loaded this app on my phone when it popped up a few days ago.I couldn't resist the name.

Very goofy and tongue in cheek. I am up to ten levels now, and enjoying the EU character name shout-outs and the random tweets by the "bitzens."

A fun distraction. Anyone else download it?

Yep...addicted is the right term here I think.  Pretty fun little game

This game is ridiculoud and kinda boring... yet I can't stop playing it.

Jesse James:
Yup...  I am playing too.  This is goofy, but kind of fun.  I still am not sure what the point of it is.

I was talking big on twitter a few weeks ago about deleting this because they didn't have any new content...well now they do and I'm back playing.  Not sure about this whole salvage droid thing.  I did get an apartment yesterday and some new bitiZens. I'm currently at 97 levels and around 9,000,000 coins.


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