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Star Wars Kubrick Collection FS
« on: March 9, 2015, 12:04 AM »
My Toy collection has headed off in a way different direction, and I haven't had these toys out of their plastic tomb for something like 3 years. Time to send them somewhere they'll get more love.

Medicom Star Wars Kubricks.

Selling as a lot. $475 + shipping from Japan. 

Some have wear, notably:

Gamorrean Guard:  paint on the ax has come off and stuck to his hand.
Speeder Bike Luke: wear to his cape, some of the fabric has flaked off
Vinyl cloak Jawa: the vinyl cloak has reacted to the plastic of the figure and discolored. 
Cloaked ROTJ Luke: Some kind of shiny scratch to back of cloak.
400% boba. scratches, on weapon where he grips it. but dusty.
There may be more scratches/ wear etc, so please check the pictures, or ask for more if it's going to be a problem.

Also, missing parts: As far as I know the only missing parts are one of the cantina band instruments (the wearable one), and one of the Emperor's electricity bolt things. I went through and I believe that is all, however I'm selling this as sight-seen.









early bird

speeder bike

speeder bike 2


Toys'r'us 2

Mail away

400% Boba (100% for scale only, already included and pictured with the series 1 bricks)