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16 Most Useless SW Figures

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Interesting (and funny) article over at io9:

Be curious to see what we all consider the most 'useless.'

I thought that was a "useless" list. Didn't agree much.


--- Quote from: GrandMoffNick on November 19, 2013, 02:43 PM ---I thought that was a "useless" list. Didn't agree much.

--- End quote ---

The list really stated the obvious but the author's attitude really killed what could have been an amusing article... the guy seems to have some serious disdain for Star Wars fans. Perhaps he never got that Imperial dignitary as a kid, and it caused him to hate Star Wars ever since.

Bricken used to run Topless Robot, and the site improved since he left.

I'm tired of these "negative attention" lists that anyone can write (and does), almost always based on petty crap and lacking any humour  ( the author probably thought he was hilarious). Invoking "kids" is also a good way for me to dismiss anything anyone says about anything, especially when we are talking about toys with a large collector following.

I would like to see him write an article about the 16 characters that would make USEFUL Star Wars action figures that have never been made as action figures before.

I think he would be extremely hard-pressed to find any.

His facts are also off. For example, Hasbro created the Jocasta Nu figure with the intent that it would be this past summer's convention exclusive (SDCC & CE2) and Hasbro Toy Shop (or whatever branch of Hasbro runs the Hasbro "store" at these events) actually PASSED on the item. Hasbro passed on it's own product. Not that I'm a huge fan of Brian's Toys, but they were the ones who stepped in and committed to purchase the required Minimum-Order-Quantity of getting this already developed item produced.


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