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The Circle of Survivors


Dressel Rebel:
The new TRU Jedi packs had me looking up the fate of these characters during the battle.   Does anyone know who the dead Jedi is in the circle of survivors close to Kit?  The one that Obi-Wan walks up to and checks his pulse while he's dead on the ground.  Not Joclad Danva.

There's a pretty good screencap here.  It looks like that particular Jedi is a Padawan based on the braid.  But he doesn't match up with any of the identified casualties from the Petranaki arena.  The Jedi that most closely resembles that Padawan is Lumas Etima, also a Padawan and also a casualty of the battle in the arena.  But his tunic is lighter in color than the Jedi who Obi-Wan attends to.

Padawan Learner Obi-Faz-P'alm.

Angry Ewok:
Why would a Jedi need to check someone's pulse, anyway?


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