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I know there really hasn't been a ton to choose from this year for the Star Wars line(s), but I thought since we usually did a best of the year list it might be fun to see some people's favorites.  Really, the 3 3/4" line was pretty sparse, with most everything just now getting to stores or online.  I think more and more of us passed on parts (or all) of these waves as well, or were at least more selective.  We had the arrival of the 6" line, and some neato Vintage exclusives.  Oh, and the reintroduction of 5 POA figures into the line, so there's that.  What are some of your favorites of this year?

Black Series 3 3/4" - Padme, Luke Ceremonial, Pablo Jill, Vizam

Black Series 6" - Han Solo, Boba Fett, Sandtrooper (although all were pretty nifty)

Exclusives - Amazon Slave 1, K-Mart Vintage 2 Packs and Ewok Catapult

Overall, a very slow year for Star Wars stuff.  I know that out of the first three waves of the 3 3/4" Black Series, I've picked up 8 figures total.  I am really looking forward to the next wave up, but I'm curious to see where the line goes beyond that for 2014.  I personally really like the 6" figures so far, although they are a little bit pricey.  The vintage exclusives were some of the most exciting for me this year, I've been tempted to get a second Slave 1 for the prices they've dropped to lately on Amazon.  All in all, a slow year.  Good figures, but maybe not all that exciting overall.

BRUTAL year.

Slave 1 and droid factory set were the only things I purchased this year, and only when the price was so low on the slave 1 I had to add the droid factory figures to get free shipping.

I get to open them on Christmas, but I assume the only things I bought will also be my favorites.

Crazy bad year.

Not hard to choose:

Black series: boba fett, Han and the sandtrooper. Resistant to the new scale? These will take you off the fence. Greedo would be another one, unexpectedly.

3 3/4 inch: Vizam, hands down. Merumeru, luminara, and Pablo Jill all stand out in a small crowd.

Mission series: the Vader set is the most worthwhile with two new figures. I tend to think jango is still the best figure in this first wave though.

Saga legends: not widely available yet but the storm trooper is the best figure in this category and this year overall by far.

Exclusives: the kmart sets stand apart from a dull group this year.

Bleh, tough to pick stuff this year. Few items really stand out as great additions to my collection.

My top picks would have to be the following:

Ewok Catapult
Black Series 6" Sandtrooper, Fett, and Maul
Black Series 4" Wave 3 (Neyo, Vizam, and Merumeru in particular)
Droid Factory (especially at the $30 and lower price point)

The above items seemed to deliver the most bang for the buck this year, along with very few quality issues. Below are my runners-up, which were all above-average but had "issues" that held them back from being what I deemed the "best":

Endor AT-AT - great paint but the price was killer
Republic Gunship - once again a topnotch repaint, but the price was awful
Black Series 4" Mara Jade and Stormtrooper - solid figures but hair and paint issues made me sad
K-Mart Scanning Crews - good sets overall, but seemed to have more paint and plastic quality problems than normal
Fett's Slave 1 - Great repaint, but the quality-wise seems like a step-down compared to the 2010 Jango version

Overall I agree with Brian that this was a slow year. There was a decent amount of product, but the releases were mostly repetitive and/or very spaced out. I doubt we will get more items next year, but hopefully we get more "new" and less "repeats".

I was happy with most of the Vintage and Black Series product this year. Stand outs for me was anything Imperial, but one of my favorite figures was Vizam.


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