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I'm curious to know who else here has signed up for GG Guild memberships, and if so, are you satisfied with the benefits?  I've signed up for two years now to get the exclusive 12" Retro figures that are only available to those that sign up.  Along with the "free figure (you have to pay $15 shipping), there are other discounts/coupons included in the membership.  One  of the most appealing offers is $30 off any in-stock merchandise.  The problem with this offer is that GG never has jack squat in stock.  Has anyone here actually been able to use their $30 coupon? 

I've checked periodically throughout the year and almost everything I'm interested in sells out on pre-order.  The coupon is only good for the calendar year, so I popped in today to see if there was anything, even extras, that I could use it on.  It's nearly impossible to find anything with an Add to Cart button (meaning in-stock), and EVERYTHING I clicked says "Sorry, this item is currently not available.)  Do they seriously have zero inventory on anything right now?  Coincidentally the last few weeks when the coupon is valid.  Can't call them about it, because their offices are closed Dec 20-30th.  I love my 12" retro figs, but this feels like a huge scam to me. 

Anyone else unhappy with the Guild membership or have others been able to utilize the extra discounts?

I've been a member since it started.

The membership more or less pays for itself with the free gift, assuming that there is a free gift that fits your collecting interest.  Since I only collect SW mini-busts from them, I look at it as more like paying $10 or $20 for the year. 

But, the $30 coupon pretty much pays for the rest.  I've always found a way to use mine.  One year I used it on a Mars Attacks Mini-bust just for the hell of it.

Additionally, you now get points on purchases that can be turned into gift cards for their website, so when I bought the outrageously priced Fett, I was able to knock the price down by about $35 just base don points that I didn't know I had (this may have nothing to do with the Guild, not sure).

The benefit I like the most though is the access to convention and PGM exclusives.  They do put out product that is only PGM and the only way to get it is to be a member or have a friend who will help you out.

Basically, if the perks are something you can use, the program is basically free, even though it's gone up by $10 every other year or so.

Also, they do one-off things every now and then... a few years ago they were raffling off the chance to buy limited quantities of really old stuff that they had lying around, and I'm pretty sure that was a PGM thing.  I was able to get the ESB Vader Mini-bust for $60 shipped when they were selling for more like $180 at the time.

I mainly just collect the retro figs from GG, but can appreciate all of the other perks.  My issue is with the advertised $30 credit not being of any use...for me anyway.  They literally have nothing in stock right now.  Not even the little zombie army men.  If you're going to entice people into the program with a $30 coupon, then I think they should have something...anything in stock to use it on.  That or allow guild members to use it for preorders.  Anything less feels like they are purposely trying to prevent people from using the discou t just to save some dough.

Well, the coupon is good for a whole year if I'm not mistaken... surely at some point you'd be able to use it right?

Nope.  I have tried several times through the year.  I'm sure they have had things in stock at points, but not much and clearly never for long.  The coupon expires in a week and there's nothing available.   :(


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