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Its nice to see that no one is paying those ridiculous prices for those chase figures ( Uncle Owen,Hammerhead,AtSt driver and so on) Does anyone feel these prices will come down if the line is done ? Or even if not. Ide like to get these to complete my collection but not at those prices.

I need all those as well but will never pay those prices. i'll wait it out, our numbers are shrinking by the min.

I hope they come down, can't justify paying those prices!

I think the guys selling them at those crazy prices will leave them at those crazy prices for a long time.  You might find a better deal from a collector or two that decides to part with their collection though.  The problem with these is that there's just too few of them.  Those that have them won't part with them for much less - they seem to have really held their prices the last few years.  You can definitely get the basic figures for a lot less these days though.

I know Dan is selling some of his Kubes - you might want to check in with him if you're looking for anything.

I have just purchased a SWDXS02 AT-ST chase figure and noticed the goggles on this figure is painted all black

But from other pictures I have seen the goggles looks like they are clear. Is this the case?


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