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Is 2014 the "Last Hurrah"?

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Not for Star Wars figures, as I'm sure those will continue on in some capacity for many years to come with all the Disney produced SW movies on the way.  But, after reading Jeff's post in another thread here mentioning how now that we have new SW movies planned every year between the new trilogy and "one off" movies, much to all of the focus of the toys will likely be on the new movies.  Does that mean that 2014 might be the last chance to get figures from the OT or PT, or at the very least, anything more obscure?

I know in the past we've seen in movie years the vast majority of the figure line is dedicated to the new movie, sometimes with a few past figures sprinkled in.  Plus, the line has changed some in that now we have a "collector" 6" line which may continue to sneak out at least OT characters - but what about the 3 3/4" line?  Since Episode VII is not scheduled for release until Christmas time, we actually have this year and probably the first half of 2015 before the movie onslaught begins.  I do wonder if this is our last chance - at least for the foreseeable future - to get a lot of those collector-focused figures, and maybe to get anything from the other trilogies at all.

A lot of this depends on if Disney can keep to their schedule of a movie per year, but even if they only managed a movie every other year it would still keep things pretty new-movie (or animated series) focused.  I'm still wondering how much we'll see this year.  That great Dagobah Luke wave was previewed at NYCC, but we still haven't seen preorders go up online that I know of, so it may be a little off yet.  Plus, I'm sure we'll start to see more and more Hasbro resources pointed towards the new movie the closer it gets.  Anyways, not saying that stuff for the new movie(s) won't be cool, but just wondering if the next year to year and a half might be the last blast for the OT stuff (and PT/CW as well).

Jesse James:
It's tough to argue that it will be for a while...

Those new movies are going to come fast and furious.  I was told last year that the edict was in place already that basically the line's focus was to be placed firmly on the new films.  That wasn't just for Hasbro but all the companies were to start refocusing their priorities as it's going to be a LOT of new movies in a far shorter period than before, and that's going to impact what we get obviously.

The OT and PT both will go back burner for a time.  I think Disney's even recognizing the PT should go a little further back.

After this trilogy is squirted out, that's when the real questions will start.

Dang it, if I have to wait 20+ years for a General Krell, so be it!  :P

Toy fair will tell but I think there will be very little room for a lot of focus outside the new movies, especially with one every year. There will always be some slots for the past, but the next decade will be the new films. If there's something were waiting for we should ask ourselves what it is. This wave with toyrn Farr seems like a wish list clearer for me. Maybe that's 2014.

It sure seems like 2014 and Spring 2015 will be the last, best chance for obscure OT figures and desired resculpts from the OT and to a lesser extent PT.

It's not impossible for them to leave some slots or box sets here or there for the old OT/PT stuff, but I think the chances of a sweet resculpt for Han in Carbonite or ANH White Dress Leia decreases tremendously if they have a bunch of new Han and Leia they are selling.  :(

Also, even if they do leave slots for the "old" stuff, at some point it's a law of numbers thing.  By the time we get to Episode 8 (2017), you could have something like this

60 new figures planned:
45 from Episode 8
5 from Episode 7 (2015)
5 from standalone movie (2016)
5 from everything else - ANH, ESB, ROTJ, TPM, AOTC, ROTS, EU, TCW, Rebels, etc

With each new cartoon series or movie that "everything else" piles grows a little bit larger...


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