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Wave 5 assortment as rumored by JTA... most like confirmed at Toy Fair

Luke Skywalker [Dagobah Training] (x2)
 Yoda [Dagobah Training] (x2)
 Snowtrooper Commander (x2)
 Toryn Farr (x2)
 Dack Ralter (VC07 repack) (x2)
 Bastila Shan (VC69 repack) (x2)

I hope and prey that it works out that 2 per case with no hold-overs moves a lot faster at retail.

Man, Luke, Yoda, Toryn, and the Snowtrooper looked fantastic.  our pics coming soon (but I'm sure other paces already have them up somewhere).

Jesse James:
I'm excited to see what is there and get your reports Jeff. :)

Toryn.  More coming soon!


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