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Come one, come all to the nerdverse version of baseball. 

New teams always welcome.  At least as soon as I figure out what I've set up.   :-[

Invites were sent to last year's participants (I think).  The whole thing is behaving oddly right now, I'll get it sorted out shortly. 

Yep, I got mine at least.

I Am Sith:
Got my invite too.  Will sign up at some point this weekend...

JediDefender (ID# 3296)
password should be berry for anyone that wants to join.  If it says it's locked, let me know and I'll try and straighten it out. 

I Am Sith:
I'm signed up.  I have a coworker that is also interested in playing.  He's from the Netherlands and doesn't know much about baseball, so I thought he'd be perfect!!!


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