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6" Black Series Wave 5 (2014 Wave 3)

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Based on the Toy Fair info, it looks like it's confirmed that this wave will be...

1x Ep4 Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron)
1x Ep6 Darth Vader w/removable helmet
1x Ep6 Jedi Luke Skywalker
1x carry forward figure TBD

Vader, yes!  As much as I love the ANH armour, it's nice to have the removable helmet option with the ROTJ armour.

Great coverage on Toy Fair Jeff! Was there any indication as to when this wave would come out? The Jedi Luke is the 6" figure I've been waiting for. Thanks!

John C:
The Luke and Vader are awesome

No one trip over my jaw. Amazing work.


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