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Marvel's other 2014 movie: Guardians of the Galaxy, sounds like it is confirmed (and will be announced at SDCC):

They also have Cap coming in March of that year, and the Amazing Spidey 2 (from Sony) also from the Marvel character stable.  I never thought this was a property that would see a summer blockbuster movie :).

Why? GOTG seems like a really obscure selection...I see now why they keep making toys of these things.

CGI Rocket Raccoon? That does not sound good.

Where the hell is that Darkchylde movie John Carpenter has been working on?

Odd choice but i am intrigued.

Maybe now people will buy that GotG Battle Pack that's been clogging up my Target's shelves for a couple of months.


Mikey D:

First Andy Dwyer as Starlord now Khal Drogo as Drax?  GOTG just got more awesome.  Looking forward to seeing who they pick as the voice of Rocket Raccoon.


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