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Star Wars Mini-Skateboards (Tech Deck)


Jesse James:
Because if it exists, it must have Star Wars licensed versions of it, now "Tech Deck" mini-skateboards are licensed to put Star Wars characters on them.

I have to say the art was kinda neat.  They're something I sadly have looked at over the years.  The boys used to want them, and they annoyed the **** out of their mother and I, but I saw a purpose...

The purpose was that Tech Deck USED to make some elaborate sets to play with that were replicas of skate parks, and they're about action figure scaled...  Sets of staircases, etc.  I bought many on clearance and some looked great for displaying figures around out of the box, others take work.  Others went better with my military figures.

Anyway, long story short, I loved the sets...  Wouldn't it be neat if they made Star Wars locations you could play with your Star Wars Tech Deck on?  Like a Mos Eisley empty Hutt Swimming Pool playet?  Or a Coruscant rail you could slide along or fall 9,000,000 stories to your death if you missed it?  Nothing quite like playset teases.

These were spotted at a local Pittsburgh Target by moi, and they're neat looking but I bought none.  I'm sure Jeff wants a Han figure skating around on that Han board though.  :D

Grabbed the first three in the series today at Target. Thanks for the heads-up  ;)

Jesse James:
I'm glad this actually helped...  I honestly had no clue about them, so if it helped one person, more power!  :)

Now if they'd done skate park sets of Coruscant or Tatooine or hoth or something?  Oh a Hoth snow trench halfpipe!  Yes!


I bought so many of the old Tech Deck sets because the steps looked good with figuers on them, or some looked like just good industrial Star Wars backdrops.  Some of the steps were a little too earthy for my tastes but made good old looking steps for World War II figures to be on...  On clearance I cleaned out some Wal-Marts of those sets.  There are some little ones I'm hell bent on getting at a little Toy Zam store in our mall but they're dragging their feat on further discounts.  >:(


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