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New Be@rbrick Wicket & Romba and Paploo & Teebo 2-Packs

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space monkey:
As per Medicom's update:

These don't appear to be limited like the previous box sets. That's the fourth 100% Wicket and third Paploo. I'm going to dub these the derp face variants.

I only bought the Celebration Japan 2-pack because it was cheap and I wanted Wicket to go with the other five. I can pass on these.

Here's the previous be@rs for reference:

Credit: Toysdorado

Thanks for the pics.  Meh.  I don't collect any of the Bearbricks.  I want to want these because it's the closest thing we've seen to real SW Kubes in forever, but ...meh. 

The Pilot:
The good thing is that Medicom still have the Star Wars licence though - or maybe got it back?!?
Bring on an Ewok Kubrick set!

I wonder if there wasn't some license issue with Lego/Medicom at some point. The figure sizes are pretty close. And maybe the bearbricks are safe because they are star wars version of a different toy.

I just can't fathom why Medicom would have gone more than 2 years without a series release, and only re-issues on cards. The license doesn't make them any money by itself.

Looking back at that dx4 wave and the finale picture from Justin with the kubricks in his vintage death star playset made me almost misty... It was two years ago today.   :-\

It is a day of remembrance my friend.   :'(


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