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NFL Offseason 2014

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If Washington really signs Desean Jackson, I just want to say that is going to be a fun car wreck to watch. And you deserve every part  of it Dan Snyder!

I agree, it will be fun to watch all those rainbow-arcing downfield touchdowns he will be catching next year from RG3. Between him, Garcon, and Jordan Reed, that is going to be one dynamic passing offense.  ;D

Dan hasn't done anything to f this team up in quite awhile. You can thank the Shamahans for the car wreck that was last season.  The team now is a lot closer to 2012 than 2013.

Damn you for not taking Johnny Football, Cowboys! That would have been one helluva entertaining train wreck to watch unfold.

Maybe if they hadn't just given Romo a $100 million deal.

Has anyone verified that Jerry Jones wasn't kidnapped?


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