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I didn't see this posted anywhere yet, but the television upfronts are going on this week, and one of the series that was announced was Marvel's Agents of SHIELD from ABC.  You can see the 3 minute trailer below, and the series will air on Tuesdays at 8/7c this Fall.  Looking forward to it.  #coulsonlives

SHIELD is a guaranteed hit.  And it's the only show that jumps out at me next season.  Almost Human might have some potential, but that's about if from what I've seen.


--- Quote from: BillCable on May 15, 2013, 03:03 PM ---SHIELD is a guaranteed hit.  And it's the only show that jumps out at me next season. 
--- End quote ---

I would hate to be the executive that have to cancel this Josh Whedon project. This show looks too expensive to survive with poor ratings.

Agents of SHIELD, anyone?

I thought it was pretty solid. I liked that they Maria Hill back, hope she remains a series regular. (Isnt' HIMYM ending this year?)

I liked that they didn't just gloss over Coulson's "death", but made it a point of mystery. Tahiti, indeed.

Liked most of the B players, although I found the lead bohunk pretty annoying. The Rising Tide chick was super cute. How did Summer Glau not get that part though? The Brits were nice, Ming Wa too, and Ron Glass is always %^&* money. 

The thing I was a little concerned about going in is still a concern though - i think the nameless schmoe of the week with powers is going to get stale quickly. This is a prime opportunity to pull in some good B and C list players from the Marvel Universe. There are definitely more than a few that require little in the way of CGI or expensive effects. (Power Man and Iron Fist baby!)

I'll keep watching this for sure though, looks like a potential winner.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.  The banter!  Really top-notch stuff.

I don't worry much about freak-of-the-week.  I enjoyed that with X-Files through its entire run.  It seems like they're already setting up threads that'll run through long-term.  Constructed right, it can work.


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