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We'll start off a new thread for these as well... 

New Disney Store Exclusive 12" Electronic Figures

SRP: $29.95 each
Retailers: Disney Store and
Available: Starting May 4, 2014

15+ phrases
Lights and sounds
Activation buttons on right upper arm and chest/chest pack
Fully articulated
Light up blaster (Han Solo, Stormtrooper)
Removable helmet (Luke Skywalker)

Interesting... Jayson mentioned on YakFace's FB page that these figures have 13 POA, so they'll be cool for various poses.

Jesse James:
Hmmmmmmmmm....  Interesting stuff.

Yet another scale of plastic figures (not cloth 1/6 stuff is what I mean).  That Han looked pretty damn good.

A couple of the figures look fairly shiny, but I'm assuming that's a combination of prototype paint-apps and flash lighting.  I'm certainly interested.

They look great. I'd be curious to see them in person. I would be more into a 3-PO and R2 maybe, but they all look fun.


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