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Jesse James:
R2-D2 is now on the way, and wow did that Teaser Video leave you wanting more!

Looks like some kind of, at the very least, magnetic doors to open up...  I'm wondering if there isn't a good deal of metal on him though, and the magnet was that little tool they were using to open his panels?

That's pretty awesome if he's largely made of metal though.  I love stuff like that.

This one looks to be pricey though...  But still you'd think they'd be able to re-use him a good deal, so maybe like the Battledroids, he won't be too bad on the wallet.

It does look pretty awesome. I wish they would have done R2/3PO/Chewbacca when i was still buying the sideshow figures.

What do you Sideshow experts think the rough cost on this thing will be?

Jesse James:
It's listed as "Deluxe" so I don't know if that means just lights, or lights/sounds, or what.  Vader was Deluxe IIRC and he was NOT cheap.

That said, I think price is sometimes determined by reusability...  The Battledroids are all new tooling but easily repainted to get a few uses, so I'd think R2-D2 falls into that category somewhat, but electronics can bump something a lot I think. 

Those myriad of opening panels too...  Looks complex.

I'm thinking this could be over $200 easily.  Less than $300 though.  Just my guess right now...  Depends if he just lights up, or lights/sounds, and how complex that lighting is.  It looked like it might be fairly complex.  It's a much more pricey/complex tooling than the Battledroids too, IMO.

I'm just guessing though, and not an expert.  This could be off the charts expensive though, or just on the charts expensive.

If it's metal, which I doubt but those doors seemed to be some kind of metal or magnet, I'd say that would increase any cost by a ton.  Didn't they do an all metal 3PO?  I don't know what he cost, but he was pretty damn expensive IIRC.

Thanks Jesse. Compared to me, you're an expert.

People at Robblescum were speculating it would be $100-200.


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