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Draft coming up this week.  Free agency looming.  Should be a fun couple of weeks before we hit the dark summer months.  Random off-season thoughts...

-  wondering how long it will take before Jesse's Pens get down to interviewing him or me for head coach since they seem to be interviewing just about anyone these days.  Must suck knowing the best guy for the job out there is the guy they just fired.  Also must suck seeing "your guy" opt for Carolina or Vancouver instead... though those jobs probably come with a lot less media attention.

- wondering where the Wild will ultimately end up.  So many things were rumored all year long (Vanek, Vanek, Vanek!) and now... not so much.  Re-signing Moulson was a lock until the playoffs and now people have cooled on wanting him too.  Might be one of those summers where there's a lot of talk, but ultimately they go with the youth movement and hope for improvement from last year.

- Hall of Fame.  Nice to see them finally let Pat Burns in there.  No surprise on Modano, Hasek, and Forsberg.  Bit surprised they made Recchi wait though but I suppose you can't have everyone at once.

Will be interesting to see what the Rangers do.  They bought out Richards' contract to free up money... I guess that was coming since rumors were going last season (which he had a poor year), but he turned it around this year.  Sad to see him go, but will see if they get anyone(s) interesting out of it.  I think there are some re-signs possible, but we'll see. Sather has dismantled most of the team that was there when I was living in NYC in 3 years time.

Jesse James:
Changes needed made so I'm not against the Bylsma firing...  Pens are soft and it showed.  I'm an Ulf man and I think he will be it.  I am glad all the names that came and went did so.  They were dismal choices.  Ulf was an idol of mine growing up and when I first played I was a D-man and strived to play a shadow game like his...  It didn't hurt that I couldn't score to save my life so F'ing up others from scoring helped. :)

So Ulfie is my guy.  Gritty and he understands the game so much more than people realize I think.  He wouldn't be Sid or Genos buddy, nor would he be a pushover for them.  Plus I could easily see Tocchet brought in as an assistant and man, that'd be another injection of the tough love they maybe need.

I've not liked much of anyone brought up for coach though.  People who've done nothing or have no real experience...  Babcock comes up but doesn't seem likely...  I'm not real happy with the GM choice tho and feel like he has to prove himself.  Shero has the team in a weird place though that's you can't pin on the new guy obciously.

Jeff If they ask me I want you for assistant.  3 year deal!

Jesse James:
Oh btw you should expect Niskanen in a Wild jersey soon.  :'(


--- Quote from: Jesse James on June 23, 2014, 08:39 PM ---Jeff If they ask me I want you for assistant.  3 year deal!
--- End quote ---

Sweet!  I will start drawing up PPs right now...  all Geno shooting, all the time!

Pointed out to me today - Penguins wanted a Willie or Peters as head coach, now interviewing a Johnson.  I think someone named Dick might get interviewed next...  better tell Ulf to change his last name to Samuelshlong if he wants the job.

--- Quote from: Jesse James on June 23, 2014, 08:43 PM ---Oh btw you should expect Niskanen in a Wild jersey soon.  :'(

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Yes please. :)


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