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Have a look.   :)

The Gunship look's Sweet.  :)

What are your views?

Since I collect SO MUCH of the Star Wars "stuff," from many of the various lines, I decided several years ago to cut back and only collect Original Trilogy stuff when it comes to the Action Fleet (and Micro Machines) line.  It was a tough decision, and these new ships are making me seriously reconsider...  But if I started up with the AOTC stuff, that means I'd have to go back and get ALL of the TPM Action Fleet as well, and from what I've heard, there's some pretty HTF stuff in that line.  I dunno...  The obsessive compulsive completist in me is screaming DON'T DO IT!  I think I'm just going to continue to hold off on the Prequel stuff for now, but they certainly do look nice!

The fellas over at Yakface's Realm have posted the first pictures of the next 4 vehicles - in all new packaging!  They've got the Gunship, Spider Droid, and Anakin's and Zam's Speeders.  Very packaging friendly now as far as actual product visibility (100%), likely to persuade many people to not even open them up.  But where's the fun in that?   ;)

They look good, but I still haven't changed my mind as far as collecting the Prequel ships though...

I collect lots of action fleet, I have all the vehicles from the 90s even 2 x tie defender, e-wing and one virago(cool) I have all the transforming heads x2 (1 set loose 1 set boxed)
Still missing a couple battle packs and 2 die cast. I also have all the play sets including the transforming slave 1 and  star destroyer, 2 of the transforming death star. Tons of mini heads, vehicles and character packs....

I didn't grab many of the ep1 ones since i wasn't really exited about them, but have some of them.

I have got most of the new action fleet vehicles so far.

You can see some of it on this page

I bought the kids lots when they were on sale they like it allot

Hey Koda -
Cool collection pictures!  You should slap a link to your site over in our Collections forum.  Those pictures of your excellent custom Gunship turrets at your site finally jarred my memory as to why your name sounded so familiar - because I remember dropping you a note in your thread at RS to compliment you on those a while back!  Nice work!  You should showcase those again over in our Customs forum as well!

Keep it up, and we look forward to seeing more collection pictures and customs from you in the future!   :)

P.S.  Please give me a hollar if you ever want to part with one of those nifty Action Fleet Tie Defenders...   ;)


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