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I just returned from a jaunt into Big Lots where I was able to scoop up 27 unique 3-3/4" Figures for $28.  I just couldn't stop loading my cart with these little guys.  When I open them I will post some pictures, but they look like great Cantina, Jabba and Nightclub fodder as well as Coruscant Street Scene Fillers :-*

sounds like a sweet deal, what kind of figures are these? are they those generic cops, firemen, army guys or something else? can't wait to see pics, more good fodder is a must have!

Yeah Cops, Spacemen, Bad Guys, Firemen etc...

Some of these are just as well articulated as some SW figures at the wrists, a lot of them have working holsters as well

Not a bad score there Scott!  What brand are those figures?  They almost look like the newer GI Joe figures in a way.

I don't exactly remember but it is something like Midwestern Toy Company...


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