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Thundercats, Hoooo!!

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At least that is what I remember the battle cry being :).  This was another toy/cartoon from the 80s that came up when my friend and I were talking about our childhoods the other day.  Did any of you have these figures as a kid (or even now)?  For some reason, I only had/have Panthro, who was my favorite...not sure why I didn't have more, I remember watching this show all the time (as well as another show called Silverhawks)...maybe it was just bad timing.  Anyways, I remember Cartoon Network used to show this show once in awhile when I was still in college...wouldn't mind seeing it make a comeback ala MOTU.  Anyways, I was just curious if anyone else remembers/liked this toy line/cartoon...and thought we could discuss it here.  I wouldn't mind seeing the toyline make a comeback in the Four Horseman style, although I don't know if I could afford buying would still be cool to see :).

Yeah, you hear that, ho? Thundercats.

I think this is the only big 80's property I never got into. The local comic shop had a few old figures on display and I had never actually seen the toys, so that was pretty cool. They only had Panthro and Mumm-Ra, if I remember correctly.


--- Quote from: Brain of HMI on September 24, 2003, 02:01 PM ---Yeah, you hear that, ho? Thundercats.

--- End quote ---

LOL! When I saw that in Toyfare with Chris Tucker's pic I fell on the floor laughing.  :D

That pic is the first thing that came to my mind when entering this thread. Damn, I love Toyfare.

Damn, we hella killed this thread. I found a Mumm-Ra at my local comic shop last week, loose without accessories, for $12. They also had a Man-At-Arms in the same condition for $11. Talk about out of touch.


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