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They've finally secured the rights to The Hobbit.
Great news! Hopefully whomever decides to direct it keeps the same design elements as those established in LOTR, for continuity's sake.

Mikey D:
And hopefully the same principal actors for Gandalf, Elrond and Gollum, which shouldn't be too hard.  Young Bilbo might be a problem.

That is great news...I love the Hobbit and it will make a great movie...Smaug, The Dwarves, Gandalf etc

I also hope someday to see the Silmarillion adapted to the Big Screen, if you thought LOTR was epic...wait 'til you get aload of that!

Ian Holm's not too old to dismiss as a younger Bilbo.  He looked okay in the Prologue of Fellowship.  Who's to say he couldn't do The Hobbit as well.  

As for a director, I wouldn't want anyone except Peter Jackson to do it.  It seems that he wants to make King Kong first, thought.

This is good news.  I'm okay with waiting until he finishes King Kong for PJ to do it, though.  I think.   ;)


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