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Have Clone Wars plus more...
« on: September 30, 2003, 07:50 PM »
FIgure Name   Condition   Quainty                         Cost
Yoda Clone Wars   C-8                           $5.86
Yoda Clone Wars   C-7 (Bend on side of card   x2 $5.86
ARC Trooper   c-8                           $5.86 (Pending)
ARC Trooper   C-7 (Bend on bottom of card   x2 $5.86 (Pending)
Anakin CLone Wars   C-8   x2                        $5.86 (Pending)
Anakin Clone Wars   c-7 Ding on sides of card         $5.86
WA-7   c-8   x2            $ 5.86 (Pending)
The Emperor   c-8      $5.86 (Pending)
The Emperor   c-7 (Bubble Damage)$5.86 (Pending)
Sp-4 & JN-66   c-8      $5.86
Lt. Dannl Faytonni    c-8   x2   $5.86 (Pending)
Chewbacca Mynock Hunt   C-7 Card Damage   x2 $5.86
Hoth Han   C-5 Card Damage      $5.86
barriss Offee   c-8      $5.86
Yoda & Chian    c-6   UPC sticker removed Card Damage   $5.86
Boba Fett    c-8      $5.86
Boba Fett   c-7 Card bends on Back      $5.86
R2 D2 Droid Factory c-7 Ding on sides of card      $5.86
Darth vader TRD   C-8          $5.86
Snowtrooper   C-8   x2     $5.86
Luke Skywalker   C-7 Bends on Back   $5.86
Yoda Bonus Battle Droid     Opener only  $27.00
Darth Sidious Bouns Orange Pit Opener Only $60.00

If you are interested in anything plese feel free to email or PM.  If you make a deal with me please follow through or at least  contact me to tell me that you are not interested in the deal anymore so I can be sure you don't want the item anymore and relist them as for sale.  I accept money orders and paypal only.  
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