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I just picked up the 300th edition Boba fett for $4.  on ebay.

Jesse James:
I nab something new every whipstitch when I'm at the store...  A Bespin Guard is about all there is to purchase from POTJ right now though.

I hear in other areas things like FX-7 are pegwarming though and THAT I'd pick up every time I was in a store just because of dioramas I can always use another droid in.

My Bespin Guard ranks are swelling though because that's the only interesting POTJ figure still kicking about in these parts...

Now I'm more picking up the odd Saga army builder here and there instead...  Red Battledroids I find on almost every toy run so my army of the Separatists has grown considerably of late.

mr director:
Finally picked up all 4 sneak peeks of AOTC, all for under $10.

I picked up a carded Teebo today at a toy show for $5.

and a carded Shmi for $3.

I just bought a bunch of loose POTJ stuff cheep from some getting rid of their collection. I picked up an Imperial officer, FX-7, Mon Calamari officer and a Security Battle Droid.


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