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The Greatest MNF Game EVER!

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I being played right now...Bucs just blew a 21 point lead with 5 minutes left...looks like it may be headed to OT...Go COLTS!

OMG! Colts win...

This may be the greatest NFL game ever...I'm serious!

Horrible reffing that went both ways in this game...

I don't care Colts Win!  Bucs are 2-2...chokers

Patty kept calling me at the office with practically play-by-play updates during the last 5 minutes and OT of the game.  Absolutely crazy!  Just caught the highlights on the news, and like I heard everyone saying on the radio during my drive home - that was one of the worst calls in NFL history that gave the Colts another chance to kick the game winning field goal, after missing on their attempt in the prior play.  What a shame.  But it sounds like there were some pretty bad calls that went the Bucs way earlier, so I guess it evened out.

Apparently the call was "correct" as per the rule book.  So it's the rule book that needs to be changed.  Reminds me a lot of the "snow job" the Raiders suffered at the hands of the Patriots (and refs) a couple years ago, when Woodson forced the fumble by Brady, but the rule book had all kinds of wackyass nonsense going on in it that allowed the fumble call to be overruled.   ::)

Great game though, and I'm glad to see the Colts squeek it out regardless, after that amazing comeback!

Mikey D:
I didn't watch it because of the Sox game, but damn was I surprised this morning when I saw the final score.  I'll have to catch the highlights on Sportscenter tonight.

Darth Broem:
I lost interest when the Bucs were ahead 21-0 at half.  Plus I was more into the baseball game.  I saw the hightlights on Sportcenter this morning.  Friggin incredible!


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