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As reported at, Cartoon Network has updated their Clone Wars site.  You can check out bios, games, and more about the upcoming micro-series there.  A pretty nice site IMO, if you want to check it out...clicky here:

Clone Wars

That is some awesome stuff there!  I played both of the Flash games they have there, and I was pretty impressed with the graphics.  It's going to be a great cartoon, and I sure hope they eventually put these cartoon shorts on DVD.

Dressel Rebel:
Awesome site.  But I installed both players and can't get the Chapter 1 cartoon to work!  I know The Real Scooby had similar problems.  Anyone get it to work?  If so, how?

i got it to work, but only with quicktime, and the picture is small.... really really small.

I haven't checked the site since it was updated. I will have to check it out soon.


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