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Clone Wars toons to be 5 minutes long?

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I just saw a commercial for the Clone Wars premiere on Friday and the commercial said "the 5 minute episodes begin this friday".

So is this a known change, or are they adding in 1 minute for the intro and another minute for the credits. Is the first ep just goin to be 5 minutes?

Anyone know?

Dressel Rebel:
I heard the same thing.  I assume that the 5 minutes include the intro and the credits and the little snippet of the next episode to be shown.

I have no intention of watching silly little five minute eps for six months or whatever till they're all done. Don't get me wrong, this looks cool, but I'll wait and watch them all tegether on the DVD when it comes out. Because you KNOW it will! :)

I for one am happy that they will be on Hyperspace too though because I'll forget to watch anyway and should be able to download whenever

These should have been a traditional half hour.   And yeah, I'm looking forward to the DVD.  Same time as OT DVD next year!  (Prays)


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