Author Topic: Not to start a Scalper Topic, but.....  (Read 4176 times)

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Re: Not to start a Scalper Topic, but.....
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2004, 02:24 AM »
I'd like to say first I appreciate you guys chiming in...  Especially chiming in, in a very civil manner.

At Rebelscum, ultimately, I think the vast majority agreed with the focal point of the post and points I made...  

Not to b!tch about scalpers, but rather to point out that scalpers "in our midst" who admit to their actions (but still yet somehow attempt to deny the phrase scalper applying to them) aren't wanted...  That we, as a community, have a right to show some negative appreciation for these douchebags.

Are they there?  Sure are...  Do we have to like them?  No we don't...  Do we have to accept them in our communites?  HELL NO!  I wish people were just more vocal to the young lady I had a disagreement with about her activities selling figures she bought at the store that week to hock on Ebay.  Oh well, complacency will be what kills the line anyway, so I guess it's just shocking to see it now.

As for the card thing...

I'm happy to have seen you post Dave.  Because I know you know what you're talking about from the artist perspective on things, and I thought perhaps those responses would register with her.

She disliked me from the start...  She jumped on CorranHorn at least a couple times because she felt some heat from him though he was civil from start to finish.  Gee, awfully defensive huh?  Oh well.

MisterPL, I loosely quoted your opinion on the legality of selling customs...  I wanted to show that someone with experience here has some pretty valid words to say.  

Speedermike, I'd have loved for you to step in with the Insider story, but I want you guys to know something.

I wouldn't fault ANY of you for not getting involved.  I was happy to just see Jediraven (though the guy's harsh and blunter than I ever am!), CorranHorn, and Dave hop in there.  

I don't think any of you wanted involved in the pages of debate...  I was just saying to Jason in FFURG Chat about how I only debate like that because I have the time.  Love to sneak it in while watching TV, talking on the phone, and even talking to Jason in chat.   :P  I got skillz!  hah


I thank everyone for the support.  THere were like 2, maybe 3 guys at Scum who didn't strike me as posting like they even got 50% of the point I was trying to make...  While 100% get it here, I guess I shouldn't expect 100% at Scum...  Especially considering one of the guys was brand-spankin'-new to Scum and had the simply impressive business lesson to deal out of "Hey JesseJames, it's JUST GOOD BUSINESS".

Absolutely brilliant.  Yes, scalping Star Wars figures is the epitome of a top-notch economic, financial, and entrepreneurial mastermind.  F all these years of school, I learned everything I needed to know about business from "Tick Tock" in the scalper thread at Rebelscum.  :)

I wonder if he prints diplomas for these lessons?  

"Buy low!  Sell High!"

Wow, that guy has to run a fortune 500 with those kinds of words of wisdom.  :)

Again though, thanks for not going "Ugh, just another scalper's suck" thread guys.  I liked to see everyone who came in and said something here, or if you voiced a brief opinion at Scum.  

It's appreciated that I wasn't talking to myself on that one like I thought I might've been for a moment.
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