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Right there with ya, Ovi. I can't wait to blow my money.


I never bought the toys back in 1993 or beyond but I always thought they were cool looking. 

I remember being very tempted to buy the toys back in 1993 when I first saw them at a Wal-Mart in Fridley, MN.

Ovi! You're Rune Haako?! Haha, I hadn't logged in to this forum in ages, but I just had to reply when I saw this thread. Yeah, so this is DVRex in case you're wondering ;) Wow, I should change my username since I haven't been a teen in 3 years...

Anyway, in relation to the topic, I've been collecting JP stuff from Kenner/Hasbro since '93... Hehe, it's kind of funny to read about spiderpumpkin seeing the toys at Walmart, cause back in '93 we didn't have Walmart here in my area of So. Cal. There was just Kmart, Target, and Toys R Us. LOL, I remember Toys R Us was a big Orange and Black building and the aisles inside were soo freakin long compared to the way they are now. Hahaha.

In any case, I'm so excited that Sideshow is gonna be producing JP stuff. I expect some quality stuff... with alot more detail than from what Hasbro produced with the last JP3 line.

Looks like we're getting some repainted TRU exclusive Jurassic Park dinosaurs this summer.

Just saw this news while reading through some movie stuff.  I know absolutely nothing about the JP toys, so this might just be the repaint stuff mentioned earlier in this thread, I don't know.  It says "brand new", but who knows.  Just thought I'd pass it along for anyone interested.


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