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Baseball Offseason 2003-2004

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Well, all you sports fans out there know by now that Schilling is on his way to Beantown.  To me, this will help tremendously.  And if we can sign Foulke (SP), we should have the Yanks looking over there shoulders a bit more.  Whats everyones take?  Boston fans give a shout and some input.  

Mikey D:
Isn't it funny how the season has been over for over a month now and the Red Sox are still front page news?  Like I said in the baseball thread, if Schilling is the final piece of the puzzle to finally bringing a championship to Beantown, then he would be immediately vaulted to god like status.  It all looks good on paper, with Pedro-Schill-Lowe-Wakefield and either Kim or Arroyo as your starting rotation and good set up men in Timlin and Embree.  Hopefully a great closer in Foulke to round out a solid pitching staff to go with our potent offense.  But what always looks good on paper doesn't always translate to wins.  Francona as manager should do well and we'll definitely compete and hopefully win it all.  Can't wait.  Don't pitchers and catchers report in like a month ;)


Darth Broem:
It was a nice move by the Red Sox.  Problem is that has the Yanks front office all riled up and are rumored to be going for Kevin Brown and Latroy Hawkins and maybe acquiring Kenny Lofton from the Cubbies.  The Evil Empire will not be easily conquered.  LOL!  

Looks like Francona will become the newest member of the Red Sox this morning.  Now all we need is to sign Foulke and we are in pretty decent shape.  Already cant wait for opening day.


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