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Simple question, just curious I guess as to everyone's tastes.  The sports I enjoy the most are basketball and football, but I do appreciate the others as well (baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, etc.).  Since we live in Nebraska, we pretty much live and breathe football here...since we don't have much else (even if the last two seasons have not been our best).  But, if I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be basketball...for some reason that has always been my sport, I enjoy watching all levels of it (HS, College, Pro, Olympics)...and it was the sport that I was the best at growing up (and still today I guess).  I always enjoy playing, and spent more hours than I can remember with my best friends playing 3 on 3, or having what we called "dunkfests"...basically dunking until our hands bled :).  Anyways...what is your favorite sport?

Football...never played but I just love it to death.  I can watch two no-name colleges play on ESPN2 at 1AM and love to see what happens.  I can watch two worthless teams on Sunday Night ESPN game and root for one just for fun.  I love the NFL, I love the tradition of college is truly the National Sport (baseball be damned)

I played Soccer, Basketball and Baseball all growing up and they all intrigue me to some extent

I also enjoy watching Hockey but I can't skate so it sort of ranks right near the bottom.  

I'm really looking forward to my kids playing sports, I would love to be a baseball or basketball coach.  Although I would not like to deal with the parents

Growing up I would have said baseball, one because I was halfway decent, we played every day of the summer and in 2 leagues and school, I collected baseball cards, went to the park etc.  The strike of '94 really soured me on the whole game though

Football is my favorite to play and watch. Like Scott I can sit and watch what ever teams are playing. I will watch any football be it NFL, NFL Europe, arena league CFL what ever.
Playing it is a little more challenging as the years creep up on me though so now its down to flag football at work functions mostly.
  I used to play baseball and will watch it if some good matchups are on. I will aslo watch basketball at times
 Hockey is about my second watched sport. I can't skate wortha crap so I don't play
 I hate soccer never will watch it.

 Scott- I coached before- the kids are great the parents are the biggest problem with kids sports. Some are some real A holes.  They take alot of the fun out of it.

hockey is my all time favorite, followed closely by football. but since my football team is doing better than my hockey team this year, i'm following football closer at the moment.

in high school and after i played ice hockey and roller hockey, i still own my ice skates and my roller blades, but i haven't skated - really skated - in about 6 years. i used to go to the park with my ex-wife before we split to to roller blade but that doesn't really count.

Mikey D:

--- Quote from: OCB on December  3, 2003, 04:44 PM ---
I also enjoy watching Hockey but I can't skate so it sort of ranks right near the bottom.  

--- End quote ---

 :o  You live in Minnesota and don't know how to skate?  Isn't that blasphemy?

For me, football is and always will be number 1.  Played it, watch it, dissect it, fantasy leagues, whatever.  Its the best sport on the planet.

Also played baseball growing up.  I only watch the Red Sox on TV, but that's because I'm a die hard.  I don't think I can watch a ****** game between, say, the D'Rays and Brewers.

I enjoy hockey, but only played the street variety growing up.  I don't watch a lot of hockey games, unless the Flyers are playing.  Don't get many Flyers games in Boston.

Hate basketball.

As for sports I play now, softball and golf.  I'm a pretty decent softball player and I suck at golf, but enjoy them none the less.


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