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New 12" Gamorrean Guard.

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Well the new picture of the 12" Gamorrean Guard is starting to make headlines all across the SW universe.
This figure looks very sweet & looks heavy. Very nice detail from what I can see & the weapons look great too.
For more information, check out the main page.

I think I will land up getting this put on my wish list.  ;)

Looks kinda of beefy, wonder where i am going to find room to display a couple of them :)
Gonna have to make a custom 12" (24") Jabba and do a 12" throne room diorama. Lando skiff is coming out and I have most of the others from that scene.

now that is a cool one !

now we only need  a 12" Jabba


--- Quote from: krisvds on January 24, 2003, 12:05 PM ---now that is a cool one !

now we only need  a 12" Jabba

--- End quote ---

Or to scale with the 12" figures.  :o

Nice new picture up at of this bad boy!  He's available for pre-order there if you wanna snag him for $30.  Check the main page for all the details!


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