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Update to Sansweet's Action Figure Archive book finally?

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Vic Wertz posted an interesting blurb over at the forums, regarding a new column coming in the next Insider (#74) magazine, saying it's something that people have been asking for for a long time...  He then adds:

--- Quote ---The new column we're debuting is the oft-requested continuation of the Action Figure Archive, originally published by Chronicle Books.

--- End quote ---

Now this is interesting, and pretty cool - BUT...  I want an Action Figure Archive update in BOOK form.  I don't want to just see a few pages of new figures every 6 weeks or so - as it seems they're suggesting...  That would take forever even to make it through the rest of the POTF2 line.  I don't get it...

I'm glad the idea of an update is at least being pursued finally though.  Just not so much in the medium they're hinting at.   :-\

I agree with you on this one Matt.  Give me an updated book please....I can go on line and piece one together myself.

I never could understand why they never got another update published.  I guess time will tell if the updates will be done through the magazine only or not.

Could be worse, you could be in Canada.  My subscription costs more than yours and it takes at least 4 weeks longer to get my magazine.  It always shows up at Walmart before I get mine in my mailbox.  

5 months later I haven't even received my membership kit.  I'm thinking it's time to ask where it went???

On topic, I'm with you.  so much stuff has been released.  But perhaps this is just a stop gap until they release Episode III and most of it's merchandise?

Snively Bandar:
I agree too.  This was a fantastic book, with some great reference pictures right alongside the figure shots, for easy comparison.  I'd much prefer that it's updated through a new book, or even two, rather than a couple pages each month in the Insider.

But honestly, I'd prefer one giant, comprehensive Star Wars figure encyclopedia, with everything in it!  Now that would be cool!   8)

I'll chime in and hope for the best here...if done right I'd be fine with this format...8-12 figures per issue hopefully!  And the ability to pull them out for reference and binder storage.  A book would work but we've been told time and again that a book probably won't happen :-\


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