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I missed this news, but a week or so ago, Futurama got cancelled again, this time by Comedy Central. The creators say they will shop the show around. There's 13 new episodes airing starting June 19 on Comedy Central.

Jesse James:
Comedy Central could **** up any sure thing they ever have.

I'm thinking it could surviveon Netflix

I can't believe I am saying this, but that show really needs to end. The first season on Comedy Central felt a novelty, but it has been utter crap since then. And this is coming from a guy who never missed a single episode when it ran on Fox. I really loved that show back in the day but feel completely unmotivated to look for it now. I can't believe there are really that many people still clamoring for it.

On another note, ABC announced Zero Hour and 666 Park Avenue will be airing their remaining episodes on Saturdays starting in June. (I watched both shows and even I have no interest in seeing these anymore) 

I'll admit Futurama wasn't what it was on FOX. They've still made a few good episodes since, and a few "too currently politically relevant to hold up over time" ones.

On the other hand, as the show goes,  it seems they make Fry stupider, Zoidberg grosser and more pathetic just for gags, it might be time to end it.

I'd keep watching it, anyway. I still watch the Simpsons, which really should've ended 10 years ago, but occassionally shows glimmers of the good old days (the Movie was lame).


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