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Sunday-Nothing usualy unless a movie I like is on.
Monday-WWE Raw


Mikey D:
There are three "must see" shows I will go out of my way to watch every week:  That 70s Show, CSI and Survivor.  Other than those, I watch football on Sundays, Simpsons and Malcolm.  During the week, whatever looks good we'll watch.  As sad as it is to say, the best comedies on TV are reruns:  Seinfeld, That 70s Show, Simpsons, etc.

When none of those are on, most of the time I end up watching either ESPN, Discovery or FoodTV or watching one of our many DVDs.

the only show i watch religiously is alias. i don't know why, but that show is just really good. i try to catch the simpsons, aqua teen hunger force, space ghost coast to coast, insomniac with dave atell, and any new york rangers and new york yankees games when they are on. outside of that, i'm hooked on tech tv - doesn't matter what show, but my favorites are screen savers and unscrewed with martin sargeant. i also have the anime network on demand - best $5 i've spent per month in a long time.

When I get a chance to watch TV I usually try to catch  Thats 70s show, or most anything on discovery, history channels, American Chopper, Junkyard Wars, I also like to catch the muscle car shows on speed.   Other that those, sports, NFL, NASCAR, BUSCH. those I catch almost every time they are on.

Monday- Thursday: Never fail, I watch:

-Family Feud (The new ones)
-Judge Judy
-The Simpsons
-Seinfeld (or Hollywood Squares- they're on at the same time over here)
-Conan O' Brien (the reruns on Comedy Central)
-South Park (sometimes, if I'm not sleepy)

Friday: Same as the rest of the weekdays, except I tend to stay up later and watch a variety of different shows, but mainly Friday Night Stand-Up on Comedy Central

Saturday: It depends. I usually leave Comedy Central on while I'm using the computer, no matter what's on. I try to catch Cops and America's Most Wanted, as well.

Sunday: There's usually crap on t.v on Sunday mornings and afternoons, no two ways about it. Sunday night I try to catch the Simpsons.

Throughout the week I also watch the History Channel, and the Food Network if there's something good on, like Iron Chef or Unwrapped. :)


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