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Continuing the TRU 4-packs
« on: November 4, 2004, 12:00 AM »
Would anyone like to see these keep going?

There was a thread going in Saga with ideas for more TRU 4-packs several months back, HERE, that I thought warranted being brought up again seeing that we're at the end of the announced OTC 4-pack run. I really think the Naboo Final Combat set pulled this line out of the toilet and actually, I can't believe it, made me want more, assuming they could reach its quality level.

Naboo Final Combat has a nice big creature that's more movie-accurate than the previous release and has useful army builders, and the clear bases it comes with are of better quality than previously delivered to us. Very cool!

So, I was thinking with '05 being ROTS and probably PT heavy, they'd do well to have some nifty PT-centric 4-packs. And I'm bored, so here goes some free help to Hasbro, clueless weenies as they are when it comes to exclusives (tryign to not repeat ideas from the other thread):

Mos Espa
Eopie with Qui Gon Jinn
Flying Watto (Ep1 headsculpt with Saga "flying" body and support)
Power Droid (dirty)
Pit Droids (from Euro E1 cards)

Marie Celeste (Royal Starship)
Naboo Pilot (Ric Olie body with headswap and cape)
Naboo Security Guard
Astromech Droid
Hyperdrive (from the underdistributed accessory set)

Geonosian Army
Orray with Picador (rumored to have been prototyped)
Geonosian Warrior
Flying Geonosian (from Deluxe)
Red Battle Droid (yeah, cop out, I know)

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Re: Continuing the TRU 4-packs
« Reply #1 on: November 4, 2004, 12:33 AM »
As long as they stay away from packs like the Skirmish at Carkoon, I'm all for them. Hell, I even liked the Imperial Forces one, even though I ended up with 6 extra Darth Vaders, just because it was a great army builder outside of Vader, of course.

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Re: Continuing the TRU 4-packs
« Reply #2 on: November 8, 2004, 05:08 PM »
Sure - but only if they get their heads out of their arse and release ones that actually make sense.

The ones listed here are great ideas Tydirium, but for some reason Hasbro seems to make so many bad calls on these. 

Imperial 4-pk - it was great but would have been better with a Death Star Gunner or Scout Trooper instead of Vader

Hoth 4-pk - liked it for the Taun Taun and the astromech - was decent

Bounty Hunters 4-pk - only got it for the Swoop - still seemed to sell very well though

Arena Jedi 4-pk - the beginning of a very bad trend...

Carkoon 4-pk - horrible character selection...

Endor 4-pk - why oh why those Ewoks - why not Paploo and a repainted Teebo?

Naboo 4-pk - finally getting back on track - would have been better with a generic Gungan rider on the Kaadu though

Future ones?  Hmmm I really do like your ideas there Tydirium, here's a couple more -


- Stormtrooper
- CT Leia
- R4-M9
- Rebel Fleet Trooper (removable helmet)
- Escape Pod


- Muftak
- Bith Musician
- Sandtrooper
- Cantina Dude (yellow Boshek outfit)
- "U" piece to the bar


- Bespin Guard (black)
- Cloud Car Pilot
- Imperial Officer (new head)
- Tall Ugnaught
- Torture Device


- Amanaman
- Ree Yees
- Ephant Mon
- Gamorrean Guard
- Carbonite Block


- Ishi Tib
- X-Wing Wedge (Dutch body)
- Nien Numb (reworked somehow)
- Mon Calamari Officer
- holo Endor map


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Re: Continuing the TRU 4-packs
« Reply #3 on: November 8, 2004, 07:28 PM »
I'm going to try to limit this to one set per movie...

The Phantom Menace

Trade Federation Droid Control Ship

-Obi-Wan Kenobi - Naboo
-Battle Droid Pilot
-Darth Sidious Hologram
-Daultay Dofine - Trade Federation Battleship Captain
-Destroyer Droid with Shields

Attack Of The Clones

Geonosian Execution Arena
-Anakin Skywalker-Secret Ceremony kitbash with hand &  green lightsaber
-Mace Windu
-Jango Fett
-Geonosian Picador

A New Hope

Death Star
-Imperial Scanning Trooper
-Death Star Trooper
-Death Star Gunner

The Empire Strikes Back

Battle Of Hoth
-Hoth Rebel Trooper (POTF2 Deluxe figure)
-Anti-vehicle laser
-AT-AT Commander
-Snowtrooper with E-Web

Return Of The Jedi

Death Star 2
-Royal Guard
-Imperial Officer
-Scout Trooper
-Emporer Palpatine
-Gantry Droid
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Re: Continuing the TRU 4-packs
« Reply #4 on: November 8, 2004, 10:41 PM »
I'll throw some ideas out there, I'll try not to completely mimic other's ideas but sometimes great minds think alike :)

Hoth Rebel Hangar:
* Rebel Officer (utilizing Saga Hoth Luke body)
* Two Snowspeeder Pilots (utilizing POTJ Dak Ralter body with 2 unique heads and 2 unique helmets utilized from the Saga Dutch Vander)
* Randomly colored 3PO unit (Saga R3PO)
* Vehicle Maintenance Energizer

Yavin Rebel Hangar:
* Rebel Technician (utilizing Saga AT-ST Han body, a unique head and the Saga Antilles helmet)
* Two X-Wing Pilots (utilizing Saga Dutch Vander with unique heads)
* Randomly colored R2 Unit (Saga Bar2-D2 sans hole in head)
* Hangar bay sled w/ crates

Hoth Attack:
* Two Rebel Soldiers (utilizing parts from any combo of Hoth Soldier/Officer figures, whatever will make unique figures), one should be able to man a trench cannon
* Snowtrooper (Saga)
* Imperial Officer (utilizing POTF AT-AT Commander body, a unique head, and the helmet from Saga AT-ST Han)
* Hoth Trench w/ cannon and cabling.

Home One Rebel Briefing (Part 1)
* Han Solo (should utilize the Saga AT-ST Han head and the VOTC Han body w/ pants painted brown of course)
* Mon Calamari Officer (POTJ)
* Rebel General (utilizing Saga General Madine body and new head)
* Randomly colored 3PO unit (POTJ M-3PO)
* Holographic Table

Home One Rebel Briefing (Part 2)
* Leia Organa (should utilize whatever tooling is necessary to make this figure sit down properly and not have huge hips like the POTJ figure)
* Rebel Soldier (perhaps a Prune Face with remolded face to lose the eye patch)
* Rebel Pilot (A-Wing, Y-Wing, or B-Wing, utilizing previous figures)
* Randomly colored R3 unit (POTJ R3-T7)
* Holographic Endor/DS2 to fit onto Table

Death Star Conference Room (Part 1)
* Darth Vader (VOTC Vader without that stupid rope on the body)
* Admiral Motti (POTF2)
* Death Star Trooper (utilizing Saga Ozzel body, new headsculpt, and POTF2 DST helmet, and Saga RFT blaster)
* General Tagge (utilizing Saga Ozzel body,new headsculpt)
* One half of conference table w/ 3 chairs

Death Star Conference Room (Part 2)
* Grand Moff Tarkin (utilizing Saga Ozzel body, POTF2 Tarkin head)
* Col. Wulff Yularen (utilizing Saga Ozzel body,new headsculpt)
* Death Star Droid
* Stormtrooper (VOTC)
* 2nd half of conference table w/ 3 chairs

Bespin Torture Scene
* Han Solo (utilize POTJ Bespin Han with new arms)
* Ugnaughts (POTF2 2-Pack)
* Black Bespin Guard (POTJ)
* Stormtrooper (VOTC)
* Torture Rack with all the fixings

Jabba's Palace
* Ephant Mon (for all of you who haven't found him yet)
* Weequay (utilizing POTF2 sculpt but with a repaint to match the 2nd Weequay on the skiff)
* Gammorean Guard (OTC)
* Jawa w/ fan (POTF2-CT)
* Han in Carbonite block (POTF2 w/ back filled in)

Mos Eisley Cantina
* Cantina Dude (repainted BoShek with helmet glued on)
* Bannis Keeg (utilizing Ellors Madak)
* Sandtrooper (POTJ a diifferent colored pauldron though and the big hunking cannon)
* Power Droid
* U-shaped bar piece

Battle of Endor
* Two Ewoks (utilizing Teebo, Paploo, and Glider Ewok, one should have a bow&arrow, the other a spear)
* Biker Scout (POTJ)
* C-3PO (POTF2-MMC) w/ throne
* Catapult w/ 2 boulders

Most of the figures require little work, in fact the most work will be in making new headsculpts, of which Hasbro could utilize from other toylines (GI Joe) without anyone noticing a difference. Most of the accessories would be new which would likely cause Hasbro to bump the MSRP a bit, but if they utilize the best figures available to make this set it could work out nicely. More to come as I think of em....
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