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2018: What Are You Collecting?

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MOTUC- still liking this line, but this year seems like a stinker of a lineup. Glad to see Ram Man, Jitsu, and Clamp Champ, so that's good. Then there's that Grayskull I preordered...

GI Joe- provided the stuff ever shows up. I preordered the second wave of stuff from BBTS since I expect that only TRU will stock the stuff with any regularity. And even then,  it's a Hasbro line, so distribution will be dogshit. The Kre-O stuff looks like a lot of fun, but I'll resist the temptation.

I'll likely spend most of my increasingly rare spare dough on vintage He-Man and GI Joe. I'm glad for the break on Star Wars, and I really don't expect to see anything new until 2015 or whenever Episode 7 hits.

Always like to update this after the big shows, and seeing what is on the way for the rest of the year (and into next).  Not a lot of changes for me, overall, but continuing to try and buy less.

Star Wars
-Black Series 6" - Likely all the OT ones, we'll see about PT.
-Black Series 3 3/4" - Same here.
-Legends/Mission Series - I kind of like the looks of the OT ones, just for fun.  I'm guessing I'll pick those up.
-Vehicles/Beasts/etc. - Any OT ones I don't already have, or are significantly improved.

-Legends - pretty much all in on these anymore, and not too bad with only a few waves/year.
-Universe - More and more selective here.  I recently had to take my display of these down, so I'm buying to go into storage right now.  I want the upcoming Mysterio, Rhino, Elektra, and Cloak/Dagger though.  With the switchover to "Avengers" next year, we'll see what that brings.

The Hobbit
-3 3/4", I'd like to get the rest of the Dwarves, and possibly a couple others, and call it good.  I'm wondering about the future of this line, was really hoping we'd get a Smaug in this scale as well.

The OT based sets as I can afford them, also a set or two here and there from LOTR or Marvel.

Otherwise, that's about it.  I may grab a DC fig here or there (primarily Bat-related), but that's about it.  I think I'm pretty much done with MOTUC now, and probably Joes as well (although I think I'll get those "ultimate" versions that are coming up).

Jesse James:
At this point, dust.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on July 31, 2013, 09:45 PM ---At this point, dust.

--- End quote ---

LOL.  Not far off myself. 

Marvel Universe selectively though they're making it hard enough to find that I'm not collecting much anyway. 

Thinking about a Sideshow premium format Snowtrooper but hoping they sell out before I get around to it. 

That's about it.


--- Quote from: McMetal on January  5, 2013, 08:11 AM ---For 2013:

Star Wars: Whatever TCW swag they see fit to release, maybe another  class I, BP, and a few figures? Also need a few odd vintage variants, hollow tube tusken raider, red haired Hoth Leia, etc. and that pesky orange haired Luke!

DCU: new Watchmen figures courtesy of Club Black Freighter, cannot wait for these!

Hanna Barbera: new Zandor and Tundro figures from the Herculoids cartoon

Walking Dead: anything and everything they decide to bless us with, no Minimates though

--- End quote ---

Always good to check-in at the halfway point. Looks like I'm buying pretty much no new SW toys this year. The few random TCW inspired toys they've announced aren't slated to hit shelves til 2014 I guess.

The Watchmen Collector's Club is ending this year as well, an all too short run but an excellent one. So that's it for those.

Got my Tundro and Zandor toys, just hoping we get more from the show. Walking Dead is going strong, just snagged the whole comic wave and looking forward to the next TV series.

Also added World War Z to the stable this year, though I suspect that line is mercifully DOA. I am really digging the Pacific Rim stuff too, super psyched for Waves 2 and 3 now.

And man, the prices are brutal, but that Super 7 Alien stuff is all kinds of awesome. LOVE those.


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