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2018: What Are You Collecting?

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Hmmm... I don't think the lines I'll be collecting in 2014 will be too different from the past couple years. I did get sucked into Pacific Rim this year, but that kind of replaced The Hobbit line from 2012. Anyway, here's what I plan to pick up:

Star Wars - I ended up getting just about everything released this year, which really wasn't that much. What I get next year really depends on what Hasbro releases. I also got on board with the 6" scale figures, but I might sell off that line.

G.I. Joe - Same deal as Star Wars pretty much... hopefully Hasbro releases some new items in 2014

Marvel - 6" Marvel Cinematic Universe figures. At the moment I am definitely set to get the movie Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Black Widow figures. If I enjoy the Guardians of the Galaxy movie I'll pick up those figures as well.

Walking Dead - I really love the comic, show, and toys. I'll keep collecting the figures as long as McFarlane keeps making them. I appreciate getting significantly better toys with each new wave/series.

Pacific Rim - At the moment I am collecting the 7" and 18" scale figures. I will definitely keep going with the 7" line, but I might jump ship on the 18" figures. Space is a huge issue with the larger figures.

I knew this thread would be coming up soon. 

For me, I don't know.  I'm so over pretty much everything Hasbro is putting out that I will probably only pick up Star Wars figures and vehicles that fall into my focus, AT-AT Driver and Republic Gunship, and maybe the odd Yoda figure.  Same pretty much goes for all the license holders, Lego, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, etc.

I bought series 2 of the GI Joe Club figures so I'll be getting them along with 2014's subscription figures but I'm out on the Con sets and unless Hasbro wows me with something (12") for the 50th anniversary I probably won't be buying anything else.

Lego?  Maybe a set or two, no specific line, but I say that then never buy much unless it's on deep clearance and I'm speculating on it.

Other stuff?  Maybe a figure here and there from Onell Design or the Four Horsemen and I'm in on the Eaglemoss Star Trek ship subscription for the year, at least.  Probably a few more Hot Wheels cars that are related to movies/tv shows I like and that's about it.

I'm kind of uninterested in collecting these days and the prospect of Hasbro and other shops ramping up for Episode VII in 2015 annoys me more than anything.  I'm more in a thin the collection mood than build it.  We'll see what Toy Fair has to offer but I'm not holding out that I'll see anything, from any company, that will excite me.


I ended up enjoying a lot of stuff this past year that I was late jumping into...Hobbit, Prometheus, etc. I liked the subscription Watchmen figures a lot too, will miss those next year. With the Clone Wars line dead, Star Wars has really fallen down the list for me. Definitely just cherry picking going forward. I'm thinking for 2014:

Star Wars- Everything from the 6" line, guestimating 12-15 figures for 2014, maybe an exclusive or two. Anything from the Clone Wars series they happen to make in either 4" line. Definitely ALL the Rebels stuff, psyched for that...

Walking Dead- Everything as far as the comic and TV waves, any 10" figures they bring out after Daryll, love this line...

Pacific Rim- Any and all, Wave 3 for the 7" and both 18" figures, maybe even the Sideshow GD. Love this line SO much!

Hobbit- Still need 4" Azog, but after that I guess I'm done until they see fit to release those other $%^&  dwarves...

Prometheus- Wishful thinking, but somehow get us Fifield and Holloway already...

Greedo The Green Menace:
I find my wants shifting quite a bit this year due to the pain of rising costs, action figures just feel less and less worth it of late. I love what they're doing with them, it's a great time as far as quality goes, I just find more and more that I'm drifting towards giving Lego my disposable income, feels like more bang for the buck, more fun in the long term. That said though, I've still got a few things on the go.

Star Wars: Still down for any quality 3.75" product. I still love collecting Star Wars at this scale, and the infrequency of waves makes it affordable and easy to keep up. 6" not so much, they're nice, and I have a few, but theres not much better about them to me from thier smaller counterparts. That said, I'll make an exception for Vader and Chewie if they're done well...

MOTU: I've got a sub, they're fun figures, but I'm really starting to feel the pinch on these ones. This year is probably it for me here.

Marvel: I'm game for Universe and Cinematic Universe 3.75"

DC: I have some interest in that multiverse line, especially the Keaton Bats and Reeve Superman stuff coming out later in the year. Will wait and see what the production quality looks like.

Transformers: Generations figures that catch my fancy, particularly the Beast Wars redos they've been cranking out lately.

EDIT: Yeah...those Funko Re Action lines too, those are just cool looking.

Collecting in general seems to be winding down for me, but there are still a few things I'll look to pick up.

SW Black 6" - hoped to stay away from this, but my brother got me the Luke and Sandtrooper from wave 1.  I went the ebay route for a boba, and am hoping to track down 2 stormtroopers when they launch plus get a few others.

GG Marvel Busts - started on these a few years back, and have 8 or 9 of them.  I'll be getting the spidey this year.  Beyond that I'll have to see what is announced.  Would love a Dr. Doom and Colossus.

DC - Been collecting the DCUC line since wave 1, and was a bit sad to see my final sub figure ship last month.  There are a few I've missed that I would like to track down, plus hoping to get some of the unreleased figs that were planned for this years sub.  Will have to see what they do with them.

MOTUC - Hoping to get Modulok next week.  would love to one day get a whiplash, and Castle Greyskull is a dream (that sadly will probably never happen).


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