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2018: What Are You Collecting?

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It's pretty limited for me this year.

-HASBRO STAR WARS - New 3.75" & 6" figures and ALL NEW Vehicles
-SIDESHOW STAR WARS - Select 1/6th scale figures - Jedi or Sith
-HASBRO MARVEL - Select 3.75" scale movie & comic based figures.  It depends on the character

New year, so time to do this again.  I try to post an update at least every "new year" but for some reason this year seems more like a fresh start than others.  It may be with the new movie(s) on the horizon, plus the fact that I'm really trying to focus in on what I collect, but it feels like a good place to start the year.  Here's what I'm looking at for 2015:

Star Wars
I don't really expect us to see much prior to the Force Awakens stuff hits.  For Black Series 3 3/4", maybe just another wave beyond what we've already seen?  Also, with possible price hikes (if they stick), that will definitely effect my collecting if its going to be $13 (or more) a figure.  That being said, here's what I'm planning on for Star Wars

3.75" - Most to all OT Black Series offerings.  We'll have to see what happens with new movie stuff, but I'll likely be hyped and in if the figures aren't horrible, whether they are articulated or 5 POA.  Haven't really seen Rebels stuff yet, but I'm still trying to decide whether to jump in or not.  I like the show, but with movies looming, space is an issue.  I have picked up most of the OT-based Legends/Mission Series stuff too.  OT Vehicles if its new to me, or if they make any.

6" - All OT figures, beasts, or whatever else they make.  Really enjoying this line.  Again, we'll see about the Force Awakens stuff.

Legends - I was pretty much all in on these the past couple years, and would like to continue to, but I'm going to have to make some cuts somewhere.  I may get more selective here, depending on the Build a Figure.  From what I've seen, I'm in on the Avengers ones, and the Spidey wave I may just be picking and choosing.  Can't wait to see what that Guardians multipack will be like that they mentioned last year at SDCC I believe.

DC Collectibles Batman: TAS and Batman:TNBA Line - All in here.

OT-based sets as I can afford them and/or get gift cards.  I sometimes stray to the Marvel stuff as well (or LOTR), but we'll have to see.  I really like the LEGO stuff and building them with the kiddo, but I really only get these as I have the funds.

So, primarily Star Wars and Marvel again for me.  It seems like Marvel stuff is shifting more towards 2.5" and 6", based around the movies, so I'm basically back to just Legends there.  I'll pick up some of the "Infinite" 3.75" stuff if I can find it, primarily Spidey or Guardians-based stuff.  I really think Star Wars is going to be all about the Force Awakens this year, with a slow period from now until Sept/Oct.  It will depend on the movie, the quality of product, etc., but I'm guessing I'll be mostly in for the Force Awakens lineup.  Although they are crazy expensive, movie years can really be fun as hunting for figures isn't always quite as difficult, and Star Wars is a great focus in the toy aisles, always fun.


--- Quote from: McMetal on December 28, 2013, 10:45 PM ---
Star Wars- Everything from the 6" line, guestimating 12-15 figures for 2014, maybe an exclusive or two. Anything from the Clone Wars series they happen to make in either 4" line. Definitely ALL the Rebels stuff, psyched for that...

Walking Dead- Everything as far as the comic and TV waves, any 10" figures they bring out after Daryll, love this line...

Pacific Rim- Any and all, Wave 3 for the 7" and both 18" figures, maybe even the Sideshow GD. Love this line SO much!

Hobbit- Still need 4" Azog, but after that I guess I'm done until they see fit to release those other $%^&  dwarves...

Prometheus- Wishful thinking, but somehow get us Fifield and Holloway already...

--- End quote ---

My list surprisingly hasn't changed too much this year:

STAR WARS: All Black Series 6"
                              All Rebels 3&3/4" stuff
                             Random Clone Wars offerings in the Saga Legends line...

WALKING DEAD: Anything from the TV Series line
                                    Anything from the 10" line
                                   Anything from the Lego-esque building line

PACIFIC RIM:  Anything from the 18" line
                                 Anything from the 7" line

FUNKO REACTION: Select properties only, Aliens, T2, etc



--- Quote from: Morgbug on August  1, 2013, 01:34 AM ---
--- Quote from: Jesse James on July 31, 2013, 09:45 PM ---At this point, dust.

--- End quote ---

LOL.  Not far off myself. 

Marvel Universe selectively though they're making it hard enough to find that I'm not collecting much anyway. 

Thinking about a Sideshow premium format Snowtrooper but hoping they sell out before I get around to it. 

That's about it.

--- End quote ---

Stayed away from the Sideshow Snowtrooper but gave in on the Gold Stormtrooper bust from GG  ::)

MU is about it now.  Really wanting to downsize, but too damn lazy to sell with all the horror stories from EBay.  In the back of my mind I think I'm just waiting until new stuff launches and collectors get a little crazy again filling holes with old stuff.  I hope. 

I'm still doing Hasbro like always.  I collect Gentle Giant SW mini-busts.

I also collect OT Star Wars Lego, and am collecting a bunch of 80's and 90's Lego from the space, castle, and pirates lines.

I've also gotten hooked on the Super 7 ReAction line. 


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