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2018: What Are You Collecting?

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Well this year for 2004, my collecting habits have changed a bit.

Star Wars - I am collecting, all Basic Figures, Unleashed.  Before I only collected the Basic line, but I have decided to broden my views, and try to collect a little more from the films.

Lord of the Rings - I just barely started collecting these 6" figures last November, so I do have a little ways to catch up.  But I love this line, it is one of my favorites.

Marvel Legends - Gotta love the Marvel Legends.  This is Toy Biz best line, although there are a few bad ones in this lines, their are far more great ones in all.  Great Line.

Mikey D:
Nothings changed much:  Star Wars 3 3/4" (both figures and vehicles), Unleashed and Lego.  Marvel Legends and assorted Spiderman / Xmen / Hulk classics.

The only thing I've added is Sportspicks of my teams players.  I have Tom Brady and Jeremy Roenick coming and will probably add some Red Sox players to the mix.  I'll get Adam Vinateri and Ty Law once they're released.

Although I might pick up the odd figure here and there from a few various line (picked up Zipline Batman, and hope to get Indy Kermit), I think it will probably end up to be mainly Star Wars for me this year.  My wife doesn't want me to collect anything else beyond that, but I would like to continue on with Marvel Legends stuff.  I'm still interested in lines like LOTR and Muppets, but I'm just too far behind.  Like I said, maybe an odd figure here or there.  The minimates thing is tempting too.  But, most likely for me it will be strictly Star Wars (basic, Unleashed, Playskool if they have it) and possibly more Marvel Legends.  Anyone else have an outlook for the year?

How'd I miss this one?

Star Wars:
3 3/4 figs all except duplicates that are not new sculpts (read HOF)
Vehicles - selectively.  Sandcrawler - yes, Falcon - maybe, others - meh
Unleashed - all, though wavering on PT stuff.  
Kubrick's - any I can snag, will try to get more chase, depending on outcome of R2 saga
Tomy - love this stuff

Holes to fill - vintage loose, vintage trilogo carded, some 12" imperials

Other stuff:
Marvel legends - selectively
McFarlane - selectively
Spiderman legends - minimal - Doc Ock.  

LOTR - can't go there.  might grab a figure selectively, but that's about it.  
Muppets - only figures for missus bug
mini-mates - nope
Mighty Beanz - go away Scott

Star Wars: 3 3/4 figs, vehicles, Unleashed & Kubrick's. Vintage SW at a good price. Even the odd prototype (vinty & modern).  ;)

Other Collectibles: Anything to do with Gerry Anderson, vehicles, figures, models kits, book & mags, Konami figures, Dinky, vintage & new.  ;D


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