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Question on Action Fleet Vader's TIE Variants

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How many types of Vader's TIE fighter were made? I know about the small version, large one, damaged from Death Star playset and the new wave damaged one. Are there others?

99% sure that you named them all there, Sergiu.  Don't think any others were released than those four...

Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever realized any differences between the new Saga one that was recently released, and the prior battle damaged one...  Are there differences, other than the obvious packaging?

The Saga one is less appealing that the Death Star one. The damage feature on the Saga TIE is something ugly like a burned plastic.

Jedi Jim:
I have five variations:
Large and small "clean"
Large and small"dirty"
and the battle damaged version that came with the playset.

These do not include the re-releases. (re-hash)

I'm bumping a pretty old topic here...

I'm curious about the old Action Fleet ships from the '90s - my understanding is that the Titanium Ultra ships of 2006/2007 use the molds from the old Action Fleet ships, but were they die-cast like the ships are now?  Or just plastic, like the MicroMachines?

I'm considering tracking down the Action Fleet Darth Vader TIE's mentioned earlier in this thread, but I'm just wondering what to expect.


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